First of all, we would like to thank you for trusting 4FLY RJ. Our company specializes in providing air experiences with “doors-off” flights. We ask that you read our terms carefully before hiring our services. Once hired, you will be agreeing to our policies.

After meeting with Anac and at its request, our flights without the doors (doors-off) are still allowed, but it is suspended (temporarily) to put any part of the body out of the helicopter. We apologize for the inconvenience, we have already filed a new approval and certification process with Anac. The 4Fly RJ team is committed to resolving this as soon as possible.

1. Safety and certification:

1.1- We work in partnership with an approved operator to provide air taxi services (DS Táxi Aéreo – CNPJ: 36.177.426 / 0001-62) in accordance with the rules of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). All pilots are accredited by ANAC and undergo rigorous periodic training; the aircraft are certified for Specialized Air Services (SAE – Aerophotography), and are regularly subjected to preventive maintenance procedures recommended by the agency and the manufacturers. 4FLY RJ reserves the right to change aircraft or operator, if necessary, for operational reasons. All documentation is available for consultation.

1.2- To verify the veracity of the aforementioned information, access the RAB (Brazilian Aircraft Register) website by clicking HERE. Our aircraft is registered with PP-LPI. When accessing, search for the name of DS Táxi Aéreo and in the registration category check SAE.

1.3- Our flights are carried out with the safe amount of fuel and a surplus, provided for by the Brazilian Aviation Regulation.


2.1- We offer experiences in helicopter flights without a door.

2.2- We use safety equipment, in addition to the aircraft’s own equipment, providing double security to users.

2.3- We have a pre-established script, but nothing prevents our customers from requesting another script. If it is unanimously approved by the passengers of the flight and by the pilot of the aircraft, the itinerary can be carried out.

2.4- The flight time is contact from the start of the aircraft to the cut, being subject to air traffic flow conditions, authorizations from air traffic control bodies and weather conditions and also the restriction of some overflight area.

2.5- Our values ​​are fixed taking into account the Robinson 44 aircraft, with a capacity of up to 3 passengers. In the case of groups with more than 3 members, please inform for allocation on another aircraft.

2.6- Flights may have unknown persons if it has not been purchased exclusively.

2.7- The aircraft is limited to up to 125 kg per seat, and cannot exceed 280 kg in the sum of the 3 seats. On the day of the flight, the pilot will allocate passengers in their respective seats according to their need to balance the aircraft.

2.8- We request that passengers arrive at least 30 minutes before departure time so that we can pass our safety briefing and equip them.


3.1- To schedule the client, you must access the page of the experience you want or else access the “RESERVE” tab on the homepage of the site, fill in with the requested data and send.

3.2- After the above procedure we will send a payment link via PayPal. If the customer needs another form of payment, he must include in the field “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” for our team to evaluate.

3.3- After clearing the payment, we will send you a voucher with all the information relevant to the service purchased.

3.4- The reservation will only be confirmed after sending the vouchers

3.5- In addition to the voucher, the customer must carry an identification document with photo on the day of the flight for proof.

3.6- On the day of the flight, in addition to proof, another form must be filled out for filing by the company.

3.7- We install up to 6x interest-free via PayPal.


4.1- We have safety equipment for cellular equipment, therefore, it is forbidden to board with loose objects in the aircraft, which may cause a risk of damaging it and causing emergency situations.

4.2- We indicate:

. Sunglasses

. Sunscreen – sensitive skin

. Closed shoes or sandals (slippers are prohibited)

. Photographic equipment

4.3- Minors under 18 years old and over 16 years old can fly by signing the Term of Responsibility by their respective guardian. If a parent or legal guardian is unable to attend, the participant must provide the Term of Responsibility signed by a parent or legal guardian and a photocopy of the valid identification document of the parent or legal guardian. Children under 16 and over 12 years old can only fly accompanied by their legal representative.


5.1- Our company requests an arrival at least 30 minutes before the departure time in order to avoid inconvenience and delays in the next flights. Delays greater than 10 minutes from the time of departure will be considered no-show and the amount paid will not be refunded and the flight cannot be rescheduled. The purpose of 4FLY RJ is not to harm our customer, therefore, this situation can be reviewed if you do not have a flight in the sequence and / or do not have another passenger who has arrived on time.

5.2- Cancellations will be refunded at 70% of the amount paid if requested up to 72 hours before the flight. Requests to change reservations outside this same period are subject to availability of the agenda.

5.3- We keep our customers informed about the weather conditions. If the flight cannot be performed for these reasons, we will arrange a rescheduling if it is in the interest of all passengers on the flight or in case of refusal we will refund the full amount without prejudice to the customer.

5.4- 4FLY RJ is not responsible for the conditions of visibility of tourist points, and should therefore not reimburse in case of non-visibility of any of these points.

5.5 – 4FLY RJ keeps customers informed via email and WhatsApp. We ask that you check the boxes for any changes.


6.1- Promotional codes or “promocodes” offer discounts on the current flight value and must be used in the specific field on the booking page. All codes have a validity and are not cumulative.


7.1- 4FLY RJ holds the right to use the image of all photographic and audiovisual productions reproduced on this website, on social media and in print, by authorization of their authors. Any reproduction, sharing or commercial use by third parties without prior and express authorization of these images is prohibited and will be subject to penalties in accordance with the Copyright Law (9.610 / 98).