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Flight 15 Minutes

Voo 15 minutos - Passeio de Helicóptero Rio de Janeiro - 4Fly RJ -

Flight time

Approx. 15 min.


Flight with doors.


Rio de Janeiro.

15 minutes Helicopter Tour

  • Flight for up to 3 People (PROMOTIONAL) R$ 395 cada

    Promotional value for up to 3 passengers on a closed flight lasting approximately 15 minutes.

  • 2 people (EXCLUSIVE) R$ 1.100

    Price for two people on the exclusive 15-minute flight. (3rd seat will not be sold)

  • 5 People R$ 2.075

    Price for four people on the 15-minute flight (Squirrel Helicopter)

Road map:

. Reserva Beach
. Marapendi Lagoon
. City of Arts
. Barra Beach
. Pepê Beach
. Breakwater
. Barra Channel
. Joatinga Beach
. Gávea Stone
. Olympic Park
*based on weather


Prices above for cash payment. Or pay in up to 12 installments on cards.

helicopter tour in rio de janeiro

A great Helicopter Tour in Rio de Janeiro for those who want to experience aerial photography or simply a panoramic view of the Marvelous City.

This 15-minute helicopter flight in RJ offers exclusive views of the Marvelous city’s tourist attractions from a different point of view that will bring you closer and with a better angle of our greatest wonder; Christ the Redeemer.

This unforgettable experience of a panoramic flight in Rio de Janeiro, where the wonderful city will be at your feet. Prepare your camera to capture our most incredible tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro, with an indescribable experience and the most incredible way to capture the best points of the city.

There’s no doubt you’ll want to do it all over again and book a longer RJ Helicopter Flight next time!

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